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TRY IN NOW AND CANCEL AT ANY TIME. From $51, our DIY “Cake Club Kit of the Month” is a fun club where you receive a DIY cake project kit monthly. We give you FREE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS to assist you in learning new cake decorating skills and techniques. Cake decorating has never been so much fun. This is a wonderful options for the busy person who struggle to get to cake decorsting classes. Enticing Icing Cake Design brings the classroom to you in the comfort of your own home. Assisting you to learn in your own time. So no matter where you are in Australia, we can post a project kit to you.

Make time to do something for yourself each month. It is great to spend time keeping in touch with your cake decorating skills and cake friends. You could even get a few friends to join you and do it together. All we need to give you the access to the video instructions is the email address you use for your Youtube account. If you don't have a YouTube account we can help you set one up for you.

What is in my Cake Club Kit of the Month? 

We supply fondant, colours, materials, cutters, patterns and instructions for the design for each month’s cake. Each kit will vary depending on the design of the cake. You will need to add cake mix, spatula and smoothers to complete your cake. If you do not have these you can order them with your kit.

What does it cost?

Each kit will cost $51.00 per month.

Credit card surcharge may apply.

When do I get my Cake Club Kit of the Month?

"Kit of the Month" Our Kits are posted 25th day of each month except Christmas which is posted with your november kit.

How do I get my Cake Club Kit of the Month?

Kits can be collected from our studio at 2 Merrick Cl Kelso Bathurst NSW 2795 or

Postage rates to send via standard post are as follows:

Sydney Metro Area $12.00

Regional NSW, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne $14.00

Victoria $14.00

Queensland $16.00

Tasmania $16.00

South Australia $16.00

All of Northern Territory and Western Australia $18.00

(Cake Club Kits are available in Australia only due to edible items, sorry).

How can I join?

Simply fill in the form below and submit it to us.

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