Ganache Strawberry Bakels 480g Truffle

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Ganache is used to fill a cake and cover a cake. To cover a cake with the ganache, first level the cake with a cake level and turn cake upside down. Then put your cake on a cooling rack and put the rack on a baking tray. Then put the ganache in a microwave dish and heat, stir and pour over the cake. the cooling rack will allow the ganache to evenly flow over the sides collecting the extra ganache in the backing tray giving you a lovely even finish. Once the ganache has finished dripping, w ith a pallet knife, pick up the cake and put on your cake board, flat plate or platter. The ganache will then set give a glassy finish. You can also fill the cake. Use a cake level to cut the cake evenly through , slightly heat and stir ganache in a bowl then with a pallet knife, ev enly spread a 5-10mm layer of ganache in the cake. Don't over heat the ganache. put it in microwave for small intervals of time and pull out and stir with a pallet knife. As a rough guide, 1kg of ganache will fill a round or square 8 inch (20 cm) cake.

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