Chocolate Drip, 3 Value Pack Dark Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate & White Chocolate

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You will receive 250g of Dark Chocolate Drip, 250g of Caramel Chocolate Drip and 250g of White Chocolate Drip.

Drip cakes are trending right now. Many delicious and fantastic styles and finishes of cakes can be achieved with this range of chocolate drip. 

Easy to use and in a convenient container, you won't waste a drop and won't have to battle with a chocolate clogged bottle top. You also don't have to melt it all if all you just need is a little drip on a few small spots of the cake.

All you need is to melt, stir, and pour. You can spoon the drip on, pour from the container, or put the drip in a piping bag.

Available in a range of colours and flavours giving you endless options for your creative cakes.

Also available in multi-values packs.


Dark Chocolate Ingredients. Sugar, Vegetable fat (vegetable oil, emulsifiers (322 soy, 492), antioxidant (307b)), Vegetable Oil (antioxidant (307), Cocoa Powder (14%), Milk Solids, Maize Starch, Natural Flavour, Emulsifier (322 soy), Salt

Caramel Chocolate Drip Ingredients. Vegetable fats and oils (emulsifiers (322 soy, 492), Antioxidant (307), Antioxidant (307b), Sugar, Milk Solids, Cream Powder, Colours (102, 129, 133, 110), Emulsifier (322 soy), Natural Flavour

White Chocolate Drip Ingredients. Vegetable fats and oils (emulsifiers (322 soy, 492), antioxidant (307, 307b)), Sugar, Milk Solids, Cream Powder, Emulsifier (322 soy), Natural Flavour




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